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July 21, 2021: MicroMacro: Crime City Wins The Spiel Des Jahres

We wanted to take a moment to congratulate our friends over at Pegasus Spiele (for non-German fans, they are our partners in Germany) for winning the most prestigious award in board gaming, the Spiel Des Jahres, for their game MicroMacro: Crime City! The SdJ is game of the year in Germany, and considered the top of the mountain for awards in our industry, so it's an enormous honor just to be nominated, much less win. 

I haven't had a chance to get my hands on MicroMacro yet, but now that it's won the SdJ I'm betting my odds of finding a copy will increase a bit with more games printing, as winning this award is a huge boon for games. The concept of a detective game where you have to analyze a Where's Waldo-esque map is very unique, and it's been on my buylist since I heard about it, so now I have to see what it's all about. 

Congratulations again to Pegasus Spiele, and here's to a great game! 

-- Hunter Shelburne


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