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July 12, 2021: Ogre Is Coming To The Last Gameboard!

Have you ever wanted to combine your own minis with digital gameplay? That wish is coming true for Ogre fans: Steve Jackson Games is pleased to announce a partnership with The Last Gameboard, Inc. to bring Ogre to life with their digital, minis-friendly, remote-play enabled tablet, the Gameboard.
Founded by Shail Mehta in January 2019 and led by a team of tabletop game enthusiasts and industry veterans, The Last Gameboard is building the world's first tabletop gaming platform that blends physical objects with digital gameplay. In addition to developing the hardware and software, the company has formalized partnerships with a growing number of digital and tabletop game developers to provide content for the platform, including Steve Jackson Games and our partners at Auroch Digital. Last Gameboard will be working from the visuals and gameplay of Auroch's Ogre video game on Steam to create their own version, which will be capable of breaking the 2D/3D wall between digital and tabletop.
The Last Gameboard is dedicated to delivering a first-of-its-kind, purpose built, portable, 3D touch product to tabletop & RPG game enthusiasts. The 16" x 16" Gameboard will give players unlimited 3D touch and network play. The Gameboard will pair with a companion app for iOS, Android, and browsers, so friends playing remotely won't have to own a Gameboard to join in the fun. At launch later this year, Gameboard will offer individual game ownership as well as unlimited access pay-per-month subscription models. Best of all for Ogre fans, the Gameboard will support interaction with physical objects such as cards, meeples . . . and minis. 


Intrigued? Want to know more? Then head over to YouTube and check out this Q&A session where Steve talks with Shail Mehta, CEO and founder of The Last Gameboard; they discuss the past and future of gaming as well as Ogre, the Gameboard, and our partnership.
The Last Gameboard plans to begin distributing Gameboards to their premium tier of Kickstarter backers July 2021 with wider distribution to follow. To order a Gameboard or learn more about the company, visit lastgameboard.com.  Or visit their booth at Gen Con – Steve will be there Thursday.

-- Alain Dawson

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