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July 23, 2007: And . . . I'm Back

True to my plan, I was up way too late Friday, and was way too distracted on Saturday, but I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows less than 20 hours after I purchased it. I managed to avoid all internet related news sources, and listened to the CD player instead of the radio on the drive to the Saturday game.

On our forums, RevBob started a thread devoted to speculation on the book, with no spoilers for Book 7 (but plenty for Books 1-6). For those of you who have finished the book, here's the spoiler-filled thread. Please make sure you double check which thread you're clicking over too; I wouldn't want to accidentally have anyone get an eyeful until they're ready!

Without going into details, I'm happy with the book, and the series overall. It's always a pleasure to see a long-term, over-arcing plot come to fruition. Unlike some other mediums I could name Lost, I'm looking at you.
-- Paul Chapman

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