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June 2, 2014: Munchkin Deluxe And The Fight Against Inflation

As we've said before, we've made some minor cosmetic changes to the core Munchkin games over the last year or so in order to hold costs down so we don't have to raise the price of the game. If you missed the earlier Daily Illuminator posts that spell out the specifics, here they are:

Starting with the fifth printing, Munchkin Deluxe is also getting minor revisions to keep its price point unchanged. We've replaced one of the more expensive components inside the game (after the board and the box itself), the plastic pawns, with chipboard standees. This change makes it possible for us to stick to the current $29.95 MSRP for Munchkin Deluxe. The new printing of Munchkin Deluxe has exactly the same quality of components as Munchkin Pathfinder Deluxe.

Everyone at SJ Games is doing what we can to keep the game price points where they are, but rising manufacturing and shipping costs continue to be a factor we have to consider. When we are forced to raise prices we'll let all of you know . . . but that's not today!

(Will the plastic Munchkin pawns ever return to store shelves? Maybe, someday. For now, we have no plans to reprint them for retail release.)

-- Phil Reed

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