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June 12, 2014: Announcing T-Shirts From Mighty Fine

Munchkin T-Shirts from Mighty Fine!

Do you want more Munchkin t-shirts? Then you're in luck! Last night at Origins we announced that Mighty Fine will produce a full line of Munchkin t-shirts for your t-shirting pleasure! Go get 'em.

-- Brian Engard

Andrew adds: To the dismay of my mother, I have an entire closet full of geeky T-shirts from fine haberdashers such as woot!, Snorg Tees, 6 Dollar Shirts, and Cracked. I have enough nerdy shirts to last an entire month without repeats, and that's even excluding all the SJ Games company shirts I have. My point is, I have a LOT of shirts and don't need more.

Some would say I have a problem. (Thanks, Mom.)

And still, I am really looking forward to adding the Munchkin shirts from Mighty Fine to my Closet Of Endless Attire, because holy cats they're awesome. Y'all should go take a look.

-- Andrew Hackard

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