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June 24, 2014: Last Chance For The Kickstarter

The Munchkin Bricks Kickstarter ends at 11am Central time today (Tuesday, for those of you who are reading this too late.) It's already magnificently overfunded, and we already have one taker on the $750 "add a new color" level. I'm hoping for more at the last minute!

The new card and bookmark can be seen in Update 24. Page down to Update 22 to see Guy's new, INSANE stretch goal for $55,000! A new exclusive color for KS backers, and more loot! Will he make it? I don't know! That's the way a stre-e-e-e-e-etch goal is supposed to work! Actual stretching should be involved!

At Brickworld, Guy and I were interviewed by Beyond the Brick. At 1:05 you can see some of his giant models. The actual-size Chibithulhu model is at 1:56. So cute! Guy's daring prediction about the future of the infosphere is at 5:12. And the fashionable shirt I'm wearing is by Will Heron Designs.

-- Steve Jackson

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