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June 11, 2014: Acid Rain World: Wouldn't This Make An Awesome GURPS Worldbook?


Back in the mid-eighties, Kenner Toys melded the high concepts of G.I. Joe and Transformers into a single line, creating M.A.S.K. (see Wikipedia). That series of action figures and transforming vehicles only survived at retail for a few years, but the idea of transformable vehicles -- and the heroes and villains who pilot them -- has remained popular in many types of media . . . and the newly-launched Acid Rain World is one of the more gorgeous examples of this that I've seen in a very long time.

These 1/18 action figures and vehicles are a little pricey, but the designs and amazing artwork make me wish there was a chance at producing a GURPS suppment dedicated to the line.

Click through to the Acid Rain World blog and scroll through the posts to see the designs. And then -- if you're feeling ambitious -- grab your GURPS Robots, GURPS Mecha, and GURPS Vehicles books and take a stab at crafting one of the transforming mecha for your post-apocalyptic military pleasure.

-- Phil Reed


Brickworld Update

My signings now are scheduled for FRIDAY (not Thursday) at 3pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. They'll be at the CrazyBricks booth.

PS - Yes, Phil, that would make an awesome GURPS worldbook.

-- Steve Jackson

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