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June 2, 2019: Tower Or Temple? Plan Your Next Trip!

TFT Adventure: Fire in the Temple

TFT Adventure: The Clockwork Tower

As The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition delights would-be dungeon delvers and the Decks of Destiny has grown beyond all original expectations, we're happy to note that there's still more out there for The Fantasy Trip gamers.

For those who missed the successful Kickstarter for The Fantasy Trip Adventures earlier this year – or those who just prefer to pick and choose their gaming goodies – we're happy to announce two new Fantasy Trip adventures now available to buy for PDF download on Warehouse 23: Fire in the Temple and The Clockwork Tower.

In Fire in the Temple, author David L. Pulver has your heroes' guide to a relaxing spa, with warm mud baths, sparkling sulphur springs . . . and simmering tensions that spark out of control. In The Clockwork Tower, master craftsman Greg Poehlein presents a mysterious locale where the heroes quickly wind up in trouble.

These two PDFs join The Chaos Triads and The Curse of Katiki-Mu, making a veritable library of adventures ready to download and play at a moment's notice, thanks to Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh

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