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June 24, 2019: Seeking Joe Kaul And Von Campbell

In the late 1980s, there was a fanzine in support of The Fantasy Trip called The Fantasy Forum. We're trying to get in touch with two of the folks credited with some of its writing: Joe Kaul and Von Campbell.

Joe Kaul is one of the folks credited for an article called "Rapier to Rapier." Von Campbell is credited with "In the Thorsz's Service: Troll's Lair."

If you happen to be the Joe Kaul or Von Campbell who was involved with articles for The Fantasy Trip around that time, please get in touch with me at smarsh@sjgames.com. Or if you know either of those folks, please pass along this message. (If you happen to know that email isn't a preferred form of communication, feel free to let me know; I'm sure I can work out alternate communication methods.)

-- Steven Marsh

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