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June 12, 2019: Preorder Robin's Laws Of Good Game Mastering


Long out-of-print, we're pleased to report that the reprint of Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering is in the final stages of manufacturing; it's expected to release to stores late this summer. This guide for GMs was last printed over 15 years ago, but with the recent rise in roleplaying games, we thought it the perfect time to reprint the book for all of you who missed buying a copy when it was new.

You can preorder the book at your favorite local game store or, if you wish, you may preorder it as part of the Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 BackerKit preorders. Either way, this is your chance to add this fan-favorite to your collection without paying those high eBay prices. 

NOTE: The book is also available in PDF.

-- Phil Reed

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