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June 6, 2010: Where Is Munchkin's 19th Printing?

Munchkin! Sometimes, even after all these years, I succumb to the same "but I want it now!" that all gaming fanboys occasionally experience. I should know better, but I'm human -- a geek to be sure, but still human.

Last week, we ran the headline "Munchkin 19th Printing Now Available!" The trouble was, the 19th printing of Munchkin hadn't made its way to the West Coast yet. In fact, it wasn't in many parts of the country. As a result, many of you visited your local game store in good faith last weekend and were disappointed. I apologize for that, and to the retailers who undoubtedly bore the brunt of that disappointment. I got overly excited by the new printing, and ignored the basic principle of new release shipping: getting the stuff everyone wants everywhere takes time.

This time, I've double checked with our distributors on the West Coast. They've got copies, and are sending them out to game stores from Seattle to San Diego. Most retailers are a one- or two-day trip from their preferred distributor, so your FLGS either has it now, or can get it in a couple of days.

(Also, the irony of posting an inaccurate headline the day after we announce our retailer-centric Munchkin Party Night Contest? Yeah, that stung a bit.)

-- Paul Chapman

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