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June 26, 2010: Munchkin Level Counter For Android

It's no secret we're working on an Android port for the Munchkin Level Counter. But we haven't said much, due to the project being in the very early stages, and what we have said has been scattered comments around Twitter and casual statements in face-to-face conversations. So here, collected for your amusement, are all the facts we're (mostly) sure of regarding the Android Munchkin Level Counter.

  • Since it is in the early stages, we don't have a release date yet. In fact, we aren't likely to announce a release date at all. When it's ready to upload to Android's Market, we will, then hoot and holler like madmen!
  • The intent is to translate the Munchkin Level Counter experience over to the Android. All the same features will be available, including the die roller, Kill-O-Meter, and boons.
  • The Android version will be $4.99, same as the iPhone version.

Other than that, we have a working build, and are stomping bugs as fast as we can. Watch this space for the "get it now!" announcement!

-- Paul Chapman

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