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June 7, 2008: Ogre Miniatures Lite

is a brand-new version of the old "Ogre Lite" reference sheet. It isn't really Ogre Miniatures on two sides of an 8.5" x 11" sheet, because if we could do that we wouldn't need the rest of the book, but it IS a great cheat-sheet for experienced players, and a perfect handout for newbies at a convention.

And it's a FREE download on e23. Riiiight . . . here!

That's all very well, you ask, but what about Ogre Miniatures itself? When will it be out in PDF?

Real . . . soon . . . now . . .

I decided to get the new Lite out of the way first, and it took longer than expected. Months longer. Don't ask. But now it IS out of the way, and I'll be looking at the actual Ogre Miniatures revisions again. They've been ALMOST done for those same months.
-- Steve Jackson

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