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June 12, 2008: The Pipeline Is Closed

We are officially changing our policy on submissions, at least for now, to "We will only consider submissions to e23 for roleplaying support in PDF form."

We have several very good games that have been in development for way too long. If they get delayed due to Munchkin stuff, okay, we'll accept that. But delaying games currently in the pipeline because the developers are looking at new submissions . . . That's just not cool.

And it would also not be cool to accept submissions knowing that they might sit unread for months and months.

When we need new submissions . . . or even when we "kinda sorta" need them and have time to evaluate them . . . we'll announce it. In the meantime, we're going to put the time into the long-anticipated and never-shipped Evil Ted and some others that you haven't heard about.
-- Steve Jackson

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