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June 24, 2008: Off To Origins

I'm flying out today, heading to Columbus, Ohio, for Origins Game Fair. Tomorrow will be the grunt work of setting up our booth (312 -- take Gary Gygax Avenue from the entry doors to Redmond Simonson Avenue and turn left, and we're one aisle down on the left). Then comes four days of the carnival sideshow that is the Adventure Retail Experience.

If you're more interested in playing games than spending money, our MIBs will be out in force, running games of all types. Further, Will and Randy will be running playtests of games in development. They may also have an early look at a certain board game . . . you'll need to stop by the board game area to find out!

If you're in the Columbus area, but don't have time for the full convention experience, consider the "Fair-Only" pass. It gives you access to the Exhibit Hall (do your Christmas shopping early!), Art Room, and demo booths for a fraction of the One-Day price. Plus, if you see a game you must play, you can upgrade to the All-Access pass!
-- Paul Chapman

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