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June 7, 2022: Munchkin Bookmarks Of Ocean Dice Live On Kickstarter

Under the sea, under the sea, turns out it's better when you backstab under the sea! The Official Munchkin Bookmarks Campaign Of Ocean Dice is live on Kickstarter now, for one week only. It features six all-new dice sets showcasing a variety of vibrant ocean life and accompanying Munchkin bookmarks to let you use the dice in the game. 

Each set features six dice in three different aquatic colors: teal, light blue, and dark blue. The one pip in each set is replaced with an iconic ocean creature, either a shark, octopus, turtle, seahorse, killer whale, or starfish. I'm partial to the octopus set; I can use it in The Fantasy Trip with my octopi warriors and wizards! Each set also has a dedicated bookmark with a unique rule to use in your game of Munchkin. No spoilers, but the Turtle Dice bookmark teases some of the dice-related mechanics that will be used. 

Stretch goals are being unlocked as I write this, with even more swag included for backers. We've also thrown in a few of the 2022 Mystery Boxes from our previous campaign as add-ons. These are limited, so make sure to add one to your order soon!

The campaign closes on Monday, June 13. Get your pledge in soon, and join us under the sea!

-- Hunter Shelburne

Munchkin Ocean Dice

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