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June 23, 2022: Quackalope's How To Play Zombie Dice Video

After over a decade, Zombie Dice continues to be one of our top sellers. Available in a basic version, Deluxe Edition, and Horde Edition, there are options for everyone regardless of the size of your gaming group and your budget for fast-playing, high-replay-value dice games. Better still, the game's easy-to-learn rules and addictive press-your-luck style make it perfect for any family . . . well, any family that doesn't have a problem with zombies at the table.

Still, despite the game's minimal rules, we know that there are many out there who learn best by seeing rather than reading. Fortunately, Jesse at Quackalope produces very high-quality videos and took time to create a Zombie Dice how to play tutorial that you can use right now to teach your friends and family how to play Zombie Dice. Jesse uses the Horde Edition in his video, but the basic instruction applies to all editions of Zombie Dice, making the video handy regardless of your budget.

-- Phil Reed

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