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June 22, 2022: Expanding One Roll Quest


Steve's One Roll Quest rules-light storytelling game started shipping earlier this year and we recently had an idea for an expansion to this fast-playiing RPG. UPDATE: Now funding on Kickstarter! The campaign comes to an end on July 11, 2022.

Our team worked together (and it was fun!) to design a nine-encounter adventure where, using the One Roll Quest basic concepts and components, you take your adventurers all of the way from the tavern and back again. The core gameplay is unchanged, but now you're rolling the special die once for each encounter rather than once for the entire session. Our goal with this booklet was to widen the action beyond a single storytelling opportunity so that those groups who enjoy getting deep into the roleplaying experience have a lot more to do before the game comes to a close.

The new One Roll Quest adventure book is not yet ready for release, but the development and playtesting are coming along nicely, and we plan to sneak this into our crowdfunding schedule later this year. For those of you who already have a copy of One Roll Quest, the upcoming project will offer a chance at just the book. If you do not yet have One Roll Quest, the new campaign will, of course, offer a reward that includes both the core game and the new book of encounters.

One Roll Quest is only available direct from Warehouse 23, the Steve Jackson Games webstore. If you're a store owner who would like to stock this and other Steve Jackson Games titles in your store, please email retailers@sjgames.com for information on setting up your direct sales account today.

-- Phil Reed

PS from Steve - I want to call it One Roll Qampaign or maybe One Roll Qroniqles. Is that too stupid?

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