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June 25, 2022: Discworld On Demand!

Where possible, we're adding titles to our GURPS On Demand program. Working with Amazon's global network of print-on-demand outlets, we're able to offer 100+ GURPS books as softcovers that are printed as close to their destination as possible. This makes it faster -- and cheaper! -- for those outside of the United States to get these books in print than if we had to warehouse them and then ship them direct from our Austin office. 

Recently, we added the Discworld series of GURPS books to the program, bringing both the older edition and the newest edition of the setting's GURPS sourcebooks to gamers everywhere.

How long will these be available? For as long as we can hold the license! That's not forever, though, so we recommend taking advantage of the opportunity while it lasts. Once our license comes to an end, the books are very likely to be removed from the GURPS On Demand program, at which point they'll become much tougher to find.

-- Phil Reed

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