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June 13, 2019: In The Labyrinth For The Fantasy Trip In Stores Today!


If you already have your copy of the Legacy Edition game, then you own a softcover copy of In the Labyrinth, the roleplaying game rules for The Fantasy Trip. That Legacy Edition box is loaded with everything you need to play The Fantasy Trip, so today's release is for those of you who have either not yet grabbed the Legacy Edition or (not surprisingly) want a second copy of the core rulebook at your game table.

The hardcover edition of In the Labyrinth shipped to distributors a few weeks ago and is available at your favorite local game store today! If your local store isn't stocking The Fantasy Trip, you can ask them to order it for you -- many stores will happily place special orders, all you have to do is ask -- or, as always, you can find the game today at Warehouse 23. Click here to see all of The Fantasy Trip titles currently available from us direct.

Once you have your copy of In the Labyrinth, join in the discussions at the official forums and in this fan Facebook group. There are many, many TFT players and GMs who will happily guide you and help answer any questions that you may have about the game.

-- Phil Reed

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