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June 18, 2010: Howard Tayler Writes About Zombie Dice

Run, Blart, Run! Remember how Howard Tayler was so excited by Zombie Dice he virtually ignored a huge pile of Star Wars toys? Well, we were so impressed by his enthusiasm we asked him to elaborate a bit. *

The result is "Roleplaying Zombie Dice." It's a good read, so I won't keep you. But I will note that the Penny Arcade guys exhibited the exact same emergent behavior -- assigning personalities to their dice and EATING them. Howard's on to something here!

-- Paul Chapman

* Postscript from Steve: "We" started with ME.  "Impressed"? I'll give you "impressed." I was making out-loud WOOT! HE LIKES IT! WOOT! noises. Having other people like my dumb little games does NOT get old. Never has, never will (or if it does, it will be time to quit). Getting a backpat from a creator whose work I enjoy . . . That's big. Made my day. Hasn't stopped making my day yet. Today I saw a tweet in (I'm pretty sure) Italian talking about the game. Blows me away. Makes me want to go and do more. So I will. Thanks!

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