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June 19, 2019: GURPS Fans, Preorder Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 Today!


The newest printed GURPS book, Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2, is now listed for preorder at BackerKit and we're down to the final days before preorders close. The first week of August, the finished book – along with the reprint of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game – will ship from the factory, starting the journey to our fulfillment warehouse in Michigan. All Kickstarter rewards, as well as all BackerKit preorders, will start shipping in September and should reach all U.S. supporters before mid-October. (International shipments will take a little longer to reach their destinations.)

If you've not yet secured your copy of Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2, now is your chance to take advantage of the Kickstarter prices. And it is important that we remind everyone that this book is not scheduled for distribution sales. Once we ship all of the Kickstarter rewards and BackerKit preorders, we will release the book at Warehouse 23. 

(If you're a retailer who would like to carry this or any other GURPS printed titles in your store, please email us so we can set you up with a retailer account on Warehouse 23.)

-- Phil Reed

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