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June 1, 2022:
We are currently working through five active Kickstarter campaigns, one of which is officially complete (and will not appear on this report again) and four that are in – or entering the fulfillment stage. Two of those active campaigns offered international rewards . . . read article

June 2, 2022:
Munchkin Farkle is our twist on the classic Farkle dice game, which is a favorite with many out there who are not intimately familiar with the tabletop game space and the unlimited number of new games that continue to reach game tables everywhere. With Munchkin Farkle, those who play using the standard Farkle rules will find a new way to enjoy that popular pastime as we introduce them to the "take that!" nature of Munchkin combined with the Farkle mechanics they're already enjoying.  What makes Munchkin Farkle different from standard Farkle? . . . read article

June 3, 2022:
This month is the tenth anniversary of the Munchkin episode on TableTop. I got to play Munchkin on TV (very different from playing a Munchkin ON TV) (or is it?)) . . . read article

June 4, 2022:
We're launching a new Munchkin Kickstarter campaign next week, and this time we're sending our favorite loot-grabbers to the clear blue sea!  The team has created six new Munchkin promotional bookmarks, one for each of the new Ocean Dice set we're scheduled to start shipping to our distribution partners later this year. The new campaign offers a shot at just the new bookmarks, or you can go dice wild and grab one, two, or more of these new dice sets!  In addition to the new bookmarks and dice, we're also including a reward level that gives you another chance at the 2022 Mystery Box, a mailer carton loaded with over $200 worth of Steve Jackson Games titles, including randomized expansions and accessories . . . read article

June 5, 2022:
The fan-favorite crypt-crawling locale GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting: Caverntown is now available in print through both Amazon and DriveThruRPG. Written by GURPS mastermind Sean Punch, this complete setting for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is an ideal locale for adventurers and GMs . . . read article

June 6, 2022:
The small County of Lorne and the Barony of Prufax face an impending invasion from the omnipresent orcs from the northwest. The two realms, long-time rivals, have arranged an alliance – cemented by marriage between the two houses.   Lorne's chief retainers must deliver the betrothed (and of course, her lady's maid) to the altar in time for the wedding . . . read article

June 7, 2022:
Under the sea, under the sea, turns out it's better when you backstab under the sea! The Official Munchkin Bookmarks Campaign Of Ocean Dice is live on Kickstarter now, for one week only. It features six all-new dice sets showcasing a variety of vibrant ocean life and accompanying Munchkin bookmarks to let you use the dice in the game.  Each set features six dice in three different aquatic colors: teal, light blue, and dark blue . . . read article

June 8, 2022:
If you're like our household and enjoy playing lots of tabletop games, one challenge that often comes up is getting on the same page about the rules. Whether learning them, looking up a rules question, or trying to ensure everyone's playing correctly, it can be difficult to keep the game moving when there's only one reference set . . . read article

June 9, 2022:
When it comes to print-it-yourself STL files, Iain Lovecraft has some of the most polished and comprehensive Kickstarters out there. They include really beautiful, professional sculpts, and they deliver so much that even if you only want half of what's included, you get a tremendous bang for the buck . . . read article

June 10, 2022:
Our latest dice pre-order store at BackerKit is scheduled to close next week, meaning that you're almost out of time to step in and grab the upcoming Eye of Horus d6 Dice Set, the new Chibithulhu d6 Dice Set featuring art by John Kovalic, and several more great deals on new and existing dice, dice bags, dice games, and game accessories. There's a mix of titles scheduled for widespread release and direct releases, making this your one-stop shop for many of our dice sets and games.  The dice pre-order store is open to US addresses and closes on June 16 . . . read article

June 11, 2022:
Are you familiar with The Wretched? Chris Bissette's solitaire roleplaying game is a great experience for those who enjoy journaling games . . . read article

June 12, 2022:
Would you like to receive information on new games, special events, and important news? Subscribe to our newsletter and you will start receiving a few emails every month where we highlight the latest games and expansions, and (at times) direct you to our crowdfunding campaigns. The newsletter is just one way to stay in touch with us . . . read article

June 13, 2022:
Back in my game-shop days, one thing that many folks did when considering a new RPG is to look at the character sheet in the core rulebook. It was a quick-and-easy way to get a feel for the game, see what information the designers felt was important, and get a glimpse at the game's style . . . read article

June 14, 2022:
For those of you who have the Illuminated Manuscript zine in your collection and have been hoping for a fancier edition of two of the dice games included in the zine, we've got a new Kickstarter campaign that will fit your interests. Nanogames: Dragons & Jack-o'-Lanterns is a double-sided poster map that folds down to roughly the size of a credit card, making it easier than ever to transport these two games. Both games are playable with standard six-sided dice, though we do offer custom Halloween and Dragon d6 Dice Sets that work perfectly with both games . . . read article

June 15, 2022:
Our latest dice pre-order store at BackerKit is scheduled to close tomorrow, making this your last chance at pre-ordering new dragon and skull dice, the upcoming Chibithulhu d6 Dice Set, and other dice that are scheduled for a wider release over the coming months. In addition to the pre-order opportunity, we've also listed several bundles and special deals on dice, dice bags, dice games, and game accessories, making thisa wonderful time to stock up on both new dice for your collection and holiday gifts . . . read article

June 16, 2022:
LibertyCon takes place this weekend, June 17-19. Every year there's a charity auction for a personalized promo card, which has traditionally been delivered at the convention the following year . . . read article

June 17, 2022:
Our two newest dice bags, the adorable Kitten Caster and always-deadly Duck of Doom, are reaching the shelves of your favorite local game store today! These satin-lined, double-stitched, drawstring dice bags expand our series of dice bags and give you new storage solutions for your always-growing collection of dice . . . read article

June 18, 2022:
Although the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game box set is loaded with what you need to play the game, we are often asked by gaming groups: "How can I get extra copies of the books my players need to join in my campaign?" We agree that every player at the table owning a copy of the box set would be overkill, so we've included some of the key books from that box set as a part of our GURPS On Demand program. You're unfamiliar with GURPS On Demand? . . . read article

June 19, 2022:
Despite what you may see – especially if you live in Texas, where masks have been relatively "optional" throughout the course of the pandemic – the world is not "back to normal." Even today, over two years after the first wave of lockdowns and caution, the world is a wreck and game publishing is still affected in many ways. Shipping, while better than it was a year or so ago, is still slower and more expensive than it was pre-pandemic . . . read article

June 20, 2022:
The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for David Pulver's fourth solo adventure with Gaming Ballistic, Till Death Do Us Part, ends at 10 p.m. Central Time today . . . read article

June 21, 2022:
With the Kickstarter fulfillment behind us, we've now opened the Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game hardcover for sale at our online store, Warehouse 23. This stand-alone roleplaying game brings the Girl Genius series to your table.  Its contents – lavishly illustrated in color, by none other than the Foglios! – include: A detailed description of the setting and its history, drawing upon all available sources . . . and compiled with input from the creators themselves, so these pages reveal some secrets for the first time! A complete roleplaying game covering character creation, equipment, combat, and dramatic situations and tasks – including inventing, of course! . . . read article

June 22, 2022:
Steve's One Roll Quest rules-light storytelling game started shipping earlier this year and we recently had an idea for an expansion to this fast-playiing RPG. UPDATE: Now funding on Kickstarter! . . . read article

June 23, 2022:
After over a decade, Zombie Dice continues to be one of our top sellers. Available in a basic version, Deluxe Edition, and Horde Edition, there are options for everyone regardless of the size of your gaming group and your budget for fast-playing, high-replay-value dice games . . . read article

June 24, 2022:
Our friends at Paizo recently featured the upcoming Pathfinder Revolution! (follow the Kickstarter landing page today) at their PaizoCon event in Seattle! A few lucky fans got an early look at the project, which will be coming to crowdfunding later this year . . . read article

June 25, 2022:
Where possible, we're adding titles to our GURPS On Demand program. Working with Amazon's global network of print-on-demand outlets, we're able to offer 100+ GURPS books as softcovers that are printed as close to their destination as possible . . . read article

June 26, 2022:
It has required years of work, with Steve and Ben handling the heavy lifting (with the help of several others, both staff and freelancers), but we're now seeing the Bestiary come together as a must-grab addition to The Fantasy Trip rolelplaying game. This 192-page hardcover is on our Kickstarter schedule for 2022, and we'll be ready to slot it into the channel once the last bits of creative work have been completed . . . read article

June 27, 2022:
Our own Will Schoonover is joining the crew over at Penny Arcade on Tuesday, June 28, at 3 p.m. Pacific (5 p.m . . . read article

June 28, 2022:
Recently our own Phil Reed, CEO of Steve Jackson Games, joined the inaugural Community Advisory Council for Kickstarter. This board is designed to bring in a variety of creator voices, not just from tabletop but from the gamut of industries using Kickstarter to fund their projects . . . read article

June 29, 2022:
Take advantage of our Hot Summer Sale on Warehouse 23, running now through July 5! We've got savings across lots of categories, including Ogre, Pocket Boxes, and GURPS.  And of course, we have some great swag! . . . read article

June 30, 2022:
Here's a rare opportunity. The GURPS 4E Essentials at Bundle of Holding gives you the chance to grab the core GURPS Fourth Edition titles in PDF . . . for only $19.95! . . . read article

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