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June 26, 2014: Introducing Rhea Friesen - Community Manager

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Howdy! As the Community Manager, I am here for you, the fans, critics, community leaders, or anyone else who enjoys gathering around a flat surface and moving small items over it. My goal is to serve as the community advocate inside SJ Games. But, "where did I come from?" you ask . . .

Aliens from Mars beamed me down. At least, that's how I remember it. Because of this I can't live without LEGO, playing music, and tabletop games. Minimal side effects, though. Also, I play flute in a wannabe ska band called Sounds Like Satellites (Facebook), listen to live local music, and enjoy anything outside involving water.

My first ever instructional game video on Zombie Dice is posted here.

Obligatory boring part:
I graduated from Texas State University in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Advertising and immediately pursued a career in Higher Education Marketing. As an Interactive Marketing Specialist at TWG Plus, I was a key contributor to online marketing, social media, branding, and research projects.

I love getting to know people. Come talk to me at events or through our social channels! Warning: I suffer from chronic exclamation point overuse. (They made me take some out. !!! :P)

-- Rhea Friesen

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