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March 1, 2017: Munchkin Shakespeare: A Peek At The Gameboard

Munchkin Shakespeare Board

We've heard two comments over and over during our Munchkin Shakespeare campaign:

  • "You should add a board."
  • "Have you thought about making it a Deluxe set?"

We've had to simultaneously fight our instincts to yell "OF COURSE WE THOUGHT OF THAT" and then show you our mockup, because then we wouldn't have a cool surprise for later in the project. Lucky for you, "later in the project" is right now – it's time for the fourth act! On the right is the conceptual design for the Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe board! (Note: This is not final art.)

Featuring Spykespeare, a selection of baddies, and a classic manuscript look, this board will be included in each game if we make it to the $275,000 stretch goal and transform Munchkin Shakespeare into Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe. We really hope we get there, because making the game a Deluxe edition increases the value of every pledge level. Backers at the $20 "Play-Goer" level would be getting a Deluxe size set that, at retail, will sell for closer to $30, similar to our other Deluxe-style Munchkin games. And when you add a second set, you double your savings! Plus, the "I Want It All!" pledge tier continues to get better as more and more add-ons are unlocked!

Thanks for all the support so far; we're excited to make Munchkin Shakespeare bigger and better than we ever expected! And who knows, after we hit $275,000, we could still have another surprise up our sleeves!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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