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March 1, 2023:
Warehouse 23 has been our direct sales home base for years now, and has served us well. But like most things in the digital realm, it needed a bit of an upgrade to keep up with the times, so we're officially introducing our New Warehouse 23 store on Shopify! . . . read article

March 2, 2023:
We first released Gelatinous as a Warehouse 23 exclusive title in 2020. We had hoped to put the game into widespread release, but the combination of pricey manufacturing costs plus the global pandemic relegated the first edition to direct sales only . . . read article

March 3, 2023:
When was the last time you were nice to your Game Master? I'm not talking "my character's background is only 4 pages long this time" either . . . read article

March 4, 2023:
Barrel is a brewery and taproom in downtown Pensacola. They were good enough to sponsor the PensaCon boardgame room . . . and they also hosted the SJ Games team for an evening demo game of Car Wars 6th Edition . . . read article

March 5, 2023:
We post to the Daily Illuminator every day, and have for over two decades . . . but we know you can't always make a visit to sjgames.com a part of your routine. Fortunately, in today's world, there are other ways to keep in touch with us and stay up to date on our latest projects . . . read article

March 6, 2023:
We showed Tabloids (first mentioned here) at Pensa - Irene, Emma, and I all played, and then we had four people come up to join and none of the three originals wanted to drop out, so we just played with seven. This made the cards run out quicker but had no other effect . . . read article

March 7, 2023:
Bulk up your (digital) bookshelf with GURPS sourcebooks at a steep discount. From March 6 until March 27, Bundle of Holding is offering two new GURPS bundles: GURPS 4E Combat Action Collection and GURPS 4E Supers Collection . . . read article

March 8, 2023:
In 2022, we expanded our Kickstarter activities and we're showing no signs of slowing in 2023. Over the last few years, including those pre-pandemic years of 2018 and 2019, we have watched as the distribution network changed . . . read article

March 9, 2023:
We released the Hack & Slash expansion earlier this year, and now we're adding even more content to the game with this Kickstarter campaign. The heart of Hack & Slash – and the key to replayability – is the game's cards, so the 13 new promo cards we're producing add a lot of depth to the experience . . . read article

March 10, 2023:
Pre-orders are now open at BackerKit! The latest edition of Wiz-War is completing production at the factory and expected to go onto a ship late this month or early next month . . . read article

March 11, 2023:
Jump back as lightning crackles in the lab! The impossible becomes reality as the Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game becomes the latest experiment in the ever-growing On Demand program! . . . read article

March 12, 2023:
Do you want to interact with some of our team? If you have questions, you are welcome to join Steve Jackson Games on Discord! . . . read article

March 13, 2023:
The highly anticipated launch of Munchkin on mobile has come! Dire Wolf's digital Munchkin has been in early access on Steam (and is still available there as well), and after a number of updates is now available on both Android and iOS . . . read article

March 14, 2023:
Steve leaked news of one of his upcoming games, Tabloids, in a Daily Illuminator last month (posted here), and now I'm taking it on myself to share another one of Steve's designs that is scheduled for a late 2023 release. We Love Cats, currently planned at $9.95, is a fast-playing dice game about adopting cats. Packaged in the same size box as One Roll Quest (first edition) and 12 Dice of Christmas, We Love Cats includes two custom six-sided dice, 30 tokens, and a bag to carry everything, making this a portable family game you'll pull out at restaurants for many years to come.  This sneak peek is so early that we don't even have a webpage for the game, but that doesn't stop us from sharing the news: We Love Cats is coming to game stores worldwide late this year! . . . read article

March 15, 2023:
Top o' the morning to ya! Or afternoon, or even night, depending on when you read this . . . read article

March 16, 2023:
Later today, our Hack & Slash project on Kickstarter comes to a close and we'll start work on manufacturing the items needed to fulfill the campaign's rewards. All of the creative work is done, the printing is taking place in the U.S., and we think everything is on schedule to deliver as planned . . . read article

March 17, 2023:
Upgrade your Ogre Sixth Edition playscape today with the Giant Ogre Playmat, in stock now at Warehouse 23. This giant 36" x 36" neoprene mat has the original Ogre map in the center, with sidebars that give you play information facing each side . . . read article

March 18, 2023:
When we released The Zodiac Die, our goal was to put a fun die design into the world and give gamers a tool they could use in their favorite roleplaying games. The book packed with the die includes Steve's thoughts on using the die to generate personalities for your RPG characters, but there was only so much space . . . read article

March 19, 2023:
When we were working on the Monsters 2 book (available in print and PDF, and also as a print-on-demand book), our team crafted a number of adventure seeds for use with monsters found in the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. We used those adventure seeds on Facebook, in Kickstarter updates, forum posts, and even a Daily Illuminator post.  The adventure seeds did their job at the time – directing attention to the Monsters 2 Kickstarter campaign while providing gamemasters with ideas – and to be honest, they're as useful today as they were when originally written . . . read article

March 20, 2023:
The fifth printing of Munchkin Kittens has landed and is now officially shipping to distributors. One of the more popular of our many Munchkin mini-expansions, Munchkin Kittens was first published in November of 2015 and continues to be one of our evergreen Munchkin supplements.  What's an "evergreen" title? . . . read article

March 21, 2023:
It has been a few months since we last mentioned the Choose Cthulhu series (see this Daily Illuminator post), but we can now report that the first six books in the series are almost ready for Kickstarter. We've run print tests, constructed the campaign page, and we think we have everything lined up and ready to go.  If you're a fan of old-school solo adventure books, then Choose Cthulhu is going to make a fantastic addition to your library . . . read article

March 22, 2023:
Can you believe it's been seven years since Munchkin Steampunk launched onto the scene? Think of how many sprockets have been ratcheted and springs that've sprung over that time! . . . read article

March 23, 2023:
In addition to the three new Pocket Box games (mentioned here), we're also working on reprints of two classic Pocket Box titles. Both Car Wars and Ogre, reprinted in 2020 thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, have been important titles to our catalog for over four decades and we're happy to report that these are coming back late this year . . . read article

March 24, 2023:
Oh my god, they killed . . . a monster! Go on down to Munchkin South Park, the newest collaboration from The Op and Steve Jackson Games, hitting game game stores and Warehouse 23 now . . . read article

March 25, 2023:
Are you an aspiring game creator and publisher? Then you will want to take a look at this art jam at itch.io where several artists are sharing stock art – single images and packs of images – many of which may be perfect for your next roleplaying game or zine . . . read article

March 26, 2023:
After the success of The Zodiac Die, we decided to expand our library of dice + books with The Elder Futhark Die, a massive 24-sided die you can use with almost any roleplaying game . . . so long as you're imaginative and not afraid to roll the die and make up a story as the randomness of life hits your table.  Cast The Runes! Tell your characters' fortunes or your own - Viking style! . . . read article

March 27, 2023:
We've published several Munchkin mini-expansions over the years. Ranging in size from 15- to 30-card decks, these tiny supplements to the core Munchkin games bring all sorts of weirdness and fun to the table . . . read article

March 28, 2023:
Choose Cthulhu, the acclaimed solitaire gamebook series of gothic horror, is live on Kickstarter! Six books based on the mythos of H.P . . . read article

March 29, 2023:
We've expanded our print-on-demand offerings quite a bit over the last few years, pushing the GURPS On Demand program to over 100 different titles that you can order right now and receive in print within a matter of weeks. Time and again, one of the biggest benefits of our efforts at building the print-on-demand catalog has been a single thing: how very easy -- and inexpensive! -- it is for gamers across the world to get their hands on these books . . . read article

March 30, 2023:
Over the years, hundreds of thousands of copies of Zombie Dice have sold worldwide . . . and now we can report that the 19th printing has landed and is shipping to our distribution partners.  One of our top sellers since it was launched in 2010, Zombie Dice continues to be a favorite with families, with the game's push-your-luck style appealing to players of almost any age. We've also released expansions, accessories, and expanded editions of the game, but that classic version of Zombie Dice continues to be the winner when it comes to time on tables . . . read article

March 31, 2023:
Peter Cottontail may bring eggs and candy, but Steve Jackson Games brings free dice, and I know I need dice more than eggs. We're starting off Spring with a free Easter d6 Dice Set with physical orders of $50 or more on Warehouse 23, now through April 9 . . . read article

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