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March 23, 2023: Pocket Box Reprints: Car Wars And Ogre

In addition to the three new Pocket Box games (mentioned here), we're also working on reprints of two classic Pocket Box titles. Both Car Wars and Ogre, reprinted in 2020 thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, have been important titles to our catalog for over four decades and we're happy to report that these are coming back late this year. As a sign of how inflation is impacting costs, both games will increase in price to $24.95 as we pull some of the fluffier components (such as journals and stickers) from the reprinted editions.

We don't expect to ship these reprints until very late in the year, so please watch the Daily Illuminator for news. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive news of these and other Steve Jackson Games releases. We're planning to offer both of these reprints to distribution, so stores worldwide will have a chance at stocking these. If all goes well, both games will be in stores for Christmas.

(In related news. the second Pocket Box Kickstarter is still on our wish list, but other projects have to come first. Again, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter if you want to receive an email when we're ready to announce a launch date for this project.)

-- Phil Reed

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