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November 3, 2008: More Creatures And A Call For Playtesters

The darkness lurks, waiting, under the sea. It hides in riverbeds and lakes, judging its victims. Even the streets of civilization are not safe from perilous forces that pervert the expected. Beware.

Given that lead-in, what else could it be but a new installment of Creatures of the Night? This series combines mysterious beasts with rock-solid game stats, held together with large doses of adventure seeds, and Volume 5 continues the tradition. Whether in urban street or rural pond, no campaign is safe.

And for more traditional opponents, Cardboard Heroes: Fantasy Set 6 has printable armies of golems, blobs, insect men, hobgoblins, gargoyles, imps, and even a cockatrice!

And on more mental matters:

We are looking for playtesters for a new e23 supplement: GURPS Psionic Powers. Beyond new abilities, this book will unify existing, optional rules for psi into a cohesive system -- one that brings back power level and skill, along with a healthy dose of flavor:

  • Multiple levels of power for almost every ability, making customization a breeze.
  • Exciting new Psi Techniques, which let you bend the rules . . . if you can pull of the skill rolls.
  • Dozens of new psionic perks. Add an entirely new (minor) ability to your psi for a mere character point.
  • A single set of rules for psionic skill modifiers and the results of the roll.
  • Rules for detecting psi, whether you're looking next door or inside someone's mind.
  • And much more, including new modifiers and four additional power groups for those who need even more options!

Playtesters will need access to and familiarity with GURPS Powers as well as the Basic Set in general and a Pyramid subscription current through the end of playtest period (approximately the end of November).

Prospective playtesters please e-mail jwilson@io.com with [PPPT] (for "Psionic Powers PlayTest") in the subject, and include your preferred e-mail address for the closed playtest mailing list message, correct spelling of your name as it may appear in print, your Pyramid login name, and a few words about your qualifications, experience, and current gaming group(s).

Lack of experience with GURPS and playtesting in general will not disqualify you. Newer players' impressions are very important, and we encourage first-time playtesters to apply for a reserved portion of slots available, as well as those with professional or other real-life experience with the subject matter.

-- Paul Chapman

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