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November 6, 2008: Munchkin Quest Arrives!

Pallets of Munchkin Quest

As announced earlier this week, and can be seen here, Munchkin Quest has arrived both in our warehouse and in Warehouse 23.

As terrifying and painful as the process was at times -- and believe me, it was painful -- the end result is very fulfilling. I was talking with Steve this morning and mentioned how seeing the stacks and stacks of copies of the game really nailed home the point that "We're done." This is the largest board game that I've ever worked on and I'm proud of our accomplishment. Thank you, John, Will, Randy, Alex -- and everyone who helped playtest the game and put up with us during the design and production process -- for your efforts. Together, we've created a great game that we are all proud of.

And thank you, Steve, for bringing in the spark that we built on to create Munchkin Quest. Your initial concepts, and guidance during the process, helped make it possible to go from "that's a neat idea" to "that's a big stack of boxes."

-- Phil Reed

Note: Last week's Game Day was moved to Friday, November 7 -- tomorrow. So please be patient; we'll be busy playing games, and may let many messages slide until Monday.

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