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November 9, 2008: Geeking On Board Games

Have we mentioned that we'll be at BoardGameGeekCon this month? Seems like we have, but the mists of time occlude my vision. (Yes, you mentioned it back in May. Get glasses - ed.)

As the hour approaches, it behoves us to remind you, gentle reader, that despite its name, BoardGameGeekCon does not restrict itself to boardgames. Yes, we'll have Munchkin Quest in the house, as the kids are saying these days. And we'll have prototypes of Revolution, The Stars Are Right, and [FNORD] available for playing and commenting on. But there will be card games like Munchkin, there will be games of dexterity like Pitch Car (an office favorite), and there will be games which defy description -- carnivals of chits and cards and dice and counter boards.

There will also be a certain retail element to the show. Our part of said element will include copies of Munchkin Quest and perhaps Munchkin Quest 2 -- Looking for Trouble -- we'll see -- but assuredly big stacks of those card games we love so much, like Deluxe Illuminati and Chez Geek.

Stop by and visit us!

-- Paul Chapman

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