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November 19, 2008: Woo! We're All A-Twitter!

Yep, we've joined the 21st century and opened a Twitter account. You can see the feed on our front page, right between the Warehouse 23 news and the search box. If you have a Twitter account, you can follow us by clicking here.

Don't worry about the stereotypical "I'm bored" posts, though. There are so many cool things going on right now that we'll be lucky to have a single moment of boredom for the next year. We'll tweet from BoardgamegeekCon this week, from playtest sessions, from that glorious moment when we open the proof copy of Munchkin Quest 2 . . .

Various staffers will be posting from wherever they are (I so wish we'd gotten everything set up before Phil and SJ went to Essen!), each with their own voices. We'll sign each entry, so you know who to look for when you read "Anybody else standing in the Convention X registration line?" or who to blame for a particularly painful pun.
-- Paul Chapman

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