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October 3, 2020: Upcoming Kickstarter Campaigns

As the rewards for our recent Coasters campaign start shipping out to supporters, and Car Wars continues through the tooling process at the factory, it's time to share a bit of info on our planned Kickstarter campaigns. 

Tentatively scheduled to launch in the closing months of 2020 and early 2021 are:


  • Random Fun Generator – This wire-bound book of 20+ new dice games is up next, set to open on October 5. This will be a "Quickstarter" campaign, roughly a week long, so please click the green "notify me" button on this page so you don't miss out. We fully expect to ship the physical rewards before Christmas, so there's a good chance that backers can have this collection of new family-friendly dice games in time for the holidays.
  • Hexagram #6 – Our next Kickstarter for The Fantasy Trip is set to launch in November. With your support, we will send the zine to print before the end of the year and deliver the rewards in March of 2021. Although our focus is on the newest issue of the zine, we will have some brand-new add-ons available to select during the campaign. Please see this post at thefantasytrip.game for a bit more info on the planned add-ons.
  • Wiz-War – Steve and the team are almost ready to move the next edition of this classic game from the laboratory to the crowdfunding stage. So we're in a better position to move the game into manufacturing, we're working to complete the tooling stage at the factory before launching the Kickstarter campaign. We'll tool everything as if all project stretch goals are unlocked, in the hope that there's enough interest in the game to allow us to produce the game as Steve envisions it. Part of our prep work with the factory has been planning out how the stretch goals impact the finished game; this will allow us to reverse steps if some of the stretch goals remain locked at the end of the campaign. (There's no way that can happen, right? We will unlock every goal!)
  • Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game – While we're not ready to announce an exact schedule, we can report that this grows closer and closer to the day when we'll have everything we need to crowdfund the book. Steve, Sean, and Ben have devoted hundreds of hours to the book, and each week it moves down the path toward a finished state. 

These are far from the only projects we're considering as crowdfunding campaigns, but they are the games that are closest to stepping onto the Kickstarter platform. 

To receive email notification when we launch a new game on Kickstarter, please follow both the Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 accounts today.

-- Phil Reed


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