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October 26, 2020: In Munchkin Russia, The Jokes Get You!


Our licensing partner in Russia, Hobby World, has created a number of terrific translations of our Munchkin games over the years. Now they've gone beyond translating and have created an original Munchkin release: «Русский Манчкин» (Munchkin Russian)! The game is currently available from Hobby World in, of course, Russian, and their fans are loving it. Check out the game video for a peek.

Don't speak Russian? Sadly, neither do I. Does that mean we will never get to enjoy this new Munchkin game? Well . . . the elite cabal of international gaming experts at SJ Games may be doing something about that. Translations don't just work in one direction, after all. Keep an eye out for further news about (FNORD) later this year.

-- Alain H. Dawson

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