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October 13, 2020: New Supplement: Illuminati 2020

We didn't announce this one. We just DID it. And it's shipping now. Direct sales only, and we just printed 1,000, so get it while you can.

If you think that while I was writing this set I was angry, frightened, and sarcastic . . . then you understand 2020. Even the Illuminati are having a bad year.

26 new cards for Illuminati Second Edition. Two of them are special two-sided 2020 cards for the spread of COVID-19, opening up, and closing down. And all the other things we've seen, including three new New World Order cards. Cards include Statue Smashers, Defund the Police, Mask Designers, and, of course, the one that changes everything: #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Here's the Warehouse 23 link.

-- Steve Jackson

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