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October 4, 2011: Dallas Fall Toy Preview

Castle Game Photo 3 It's time for fourth quarter game presentations, but when I say fourth quarter I am talking about holiday releases for 2012. What am I really trying to say? Well, it's time for the Dallas Fall Toy Preview, which means that it's time to show potential new releases to the buyers at major bookstores and chains. Armed with prototypes, already-existing titles, and sell sheets for games that do not yet exist, I am in Dallas this week and ready for hours upon hours of waiting for my turn for show & tell. Fortunately, I've got my BlackBerry and can stay on mail while I wait, but the worst part of this week is definitely the waiting. 

(Another benefit is that David and Mike from Grand Prix International, our printing reps for everything Munchkin, are also attending the show -- so I'll get a chance to have dinner with them and discuss upcoming projects. And since I enjoy their company, and I love planning new ways to use their factories' capabilities, this dinner is as much fun as it is work.)

So why go through a week of waiting for a handful of 15-minute meetings? Because this is our best chance to prepare buyers for the New York Toy Fair in February. The Dallas show this week is the preview of things to come, the place where you get a chance to revise packaging, components, and price points before committing to production. And if you've ever paid for tens of thousands of games, you know how important it is to check and recheck and check again every single detail before pulling the trigger.

Which games are being reviewed this week? A few you have never heard of, but with any luck they'll go over well and we'll have news for you as we make formal announcements over the next six months or so. Wish us luck!

-- Phil Reed

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