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October 24, 2011: Dungeon Calling

Pyramid 3 36 Dungeon Fantasy

More people are becoming aware of the problem regarding the distribution of wealth: Too much loot is tied up in the world's dungeons, utterly inaccessible to all but the hardiest 1% of souls. The latest issue of Pyramid is attempting to address this challenge, one ancient looted treasury at a time.

Pyramid #3/36: Dungeon Fantasy is dedicated to the idea of dungeon-crawling heroes, with a special emphasis on the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy line. Within this issue dwell two articles by Dungeon Fantasy mastermind Sean Punch -- one an explosive new dwarven profession; the other a nifty new option for magic items.

This issue also presents another new template -- the musketeer -- from Matt Riggsby, author of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 13: Loadouts. For all other adventurers, there are rules for how to bring GURPS Powers: Divine Favor into a Dungeon Fantasy campaign, plus more powerful options suitable for anyone.

Finally, we have some ideas for dungeoneers of any degree, with systemless insight on how to make a horrific dungeon-crawling campaign (written by GURPS Fourth Edition architect David Pulver), and another article on how to make a historically-rich dungeon.

Whether you're a first-time henchman or a long-time hero, Pyramid #3/36: Dungeon Fantasy is your gateway to better gaming. Don't wait for an old man in a tavern to get you started; pick up this issue or subscribe today!

-- Steven Marsh

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