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October 21, 2011: New York Comic Con Was A Blast!

I'm now back and recovered after a fantastic time at the New York Comic Con. The trip started off on the wrong foot with the airlines losing my luggage -- which included lots of game samples for a very important meeting -- but quickly became fun once I made it to the convention. I spent my time at the show both working and playing . . . which is a lot of the reason that so many of us at the office enjoy attending conventions. Some of the highlights of the trip include:

  • A secret meeting on Friday morning where I showed off our games and pitched a few game concepts to a potential licensor. The meeting went very well but it's too early to say whether or not we'll secure the license. 
  • An afternoon in the Onell Design booth -- thanks, guys! -- handing out Munchkin promo cards and bookmarks, meeting fans, and generally doing everything possible to answer as many Munchkin questions as possible. I want to give a huge thanks to Matt Lee, one of our MIBs, who spent the afternoon in the booth with me teaching Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice to dozens of people who had never played either game before.
  • A lunch meeting with a new employee. Who? We'll make an announcement soonish.
  • A shopping spree! I bought some really awesome statues while I was at the show; I posted the full list at battlegrip.com for anyone who is interested in statues. (My favorite of the bunch has to be the set of Star Wars Republic Commando mini-busts by Gentle Giant.)
  • An interview with MTVGeek that should be aired as soon as they finish editing the video.

I had a wonderful time at the show and want to thank everyone who stopped by to say hi, and I hope all of you enjoyed chatting with me. My primary goal for the convention was to decide whether or not we should have our own booth at New York Comic Con, and my recommendation is an overwhelming yes. And not just because I love visiting NYC. So with any luck we'll have a booth at the show next year and I'll convince Steve to join me for New York Comic Con 2012. 

-- Phil Reed

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