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October 5, 2023: Evil Genius Games Sues Netflix

The world of roleplaying games is no stranger to legal issues; pretty much any company in the space has dealt with its fair share (including us!). However, this may be one of the highest-profile lawsuits in recent memory, with Evil Genius Games laying down the law to Netflix, so to speak. Evil Genius Games has created a library of licensed tabletop roleplaying games covering properties like King Kong, Rambo, and Highlander. This lawsuit is centered around an RPG based on the upcoming Netflix movie, Rebel Moon.

I'm going to just say the word "allegedly" here at the top to make it clear this is all simply what has been reported and what Evil Genius Games has shared. The contention seems to stem from Netflix asserting that Evil Genius shared some of the movie without permission while promoting the roleplaying game based on the movie, so Netflix canceled the contract. Evil Genius claims they were given permission to share that information, and that this is a way to try to legally take control of the game and "World Bible" created for it. Allegedly. 

There's surely more to be revealed, especially with the game's "World Bible" allegedly being integrated into the movie itself. Tired of hearing the word allegedly yet? This will be an interesting story to follow which could have ramifications for all of us working in the gaming space. Allegedly. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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