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October 10, 2023: Archives Are Amazing

I have some photo albums in my closet. They're under several boxed games (of course), and they'd frankly be a pain to get at.

However, I have another archive: my computer. Due to the vagaries of copying over and folders with names like ###Backup-Backup Don't Delete March 3, 2014 and the like, I have a personal computer archive that goes back surprisingly far. I just did a search on my computer, and the oldest dated JPG files I have immediate access to are circa 1998. (I quite possibly have older ones on external drives, archival storage, and the like.)

I find it neat how much personal information I have available at my fingertips. Now if only Past Me had been more diligent at appropriately naming and filing files; I have far too many folders with names like "iPhone Photos" and images named IMG_2861.JPG or the like . . . But at least I don't need to get up from my desk to poke around them, unlike the closet with the buried photo albums.

-- Steven Marsh

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