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October 28, 2023: 72 Hours To Graceland Out NOW!

The second entry in Three Ravens Publishing's high-octane Dead Man's Run series came out yesterday, and is now available wherever ebooks are sold! 72 Hours to Graceland is an exciting and deceptively heartfelt story about an unlikely duo with everything to lose. I'll let the back cover blurb speak for itself:

72 Hours to Graceland Cover

Bobby Hank is one of yesteryear's living legends, an autoduellist once known as the Pale Rider.
These days he's scraping out a living in the Hampton Roads Dead Zone, chased by old age, regret, and a cannibal horde. If he slips up, his wife Kat stays dead, and he really will be a has-been.
But opportunity is knocking . . .
Gordon Cory, an old pal from his bygone days of glory, has Bobby in mind for one last ride – the Dead Man's Run, a nationwide road rally ending in the badlands of North Dakota.
Enormous cash prize aside, winning would mean a spot for Kat in a Herolutions research program. To start, he'll have just three days to get to Memphis, Tennessee.
Can the Pale Rider survive long enough to win big?
Get ready for a wild ride! And if you're enjoying the series, be sure to leave the team a review!

-- Irene Zielinski

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