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October 8, 2014: Shipping Changes At Warehouse 23

Your package will get to you faster!

Hey, international SJ Games fans: ever wished your packages would get to you earlier? So do we! We wanted to work toward getting shipments from Warehouse 23 out faster, so we've made a change to international shipping.

From now on, we're offering USPS International as a shipping option for our international fans. Specifically, you'll get these three options:

Each of these services include tracking and, depending on the destination country, should take only 10-12 business days.

Why are you changing?
Certain shipping methods tended to get lost frequently, did not have tracking and were taking three or more months(!) to arrive to international customers. No one should have to deal with that uncertainty or wait that long for their order. We listened to your feedback, and added improved shipping options that will get your package to your doorstep quickly and safely.

-- Brian Engard

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