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October 29, 2014: Time For Vacation!!!

Since so many projects have been successfully completed recently (Car Wars Classic and Mars Attacks: The Dice Game reprints in progress, Munchkin Treasure Hunt launched, multiple sales meetings met and won, my new toy book off to the printer) I decided that it's time to escape. (And the staff were making those "you better get  away from me" grumbles that happen when I've been stressed crazier than usual.) So I'm leaving the country, setting sail for a long weekend away for a visit to Mexico.

My plan for time off is to unwind as much as possible by reading, playing a few games, and getting some preliminary design work completed for planned games. (Yeah, I know, vacation isn't meant to be "now we work!" time, but when it's designing new games it doesn't really count as "work," right?)

See you guys next week! Try not to buy all of our games while I'm gone; this constant need for reprints is gonna drive me crazy!

-- Phil Reed

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