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October 1, 2020:
Created during lockdown, the Random Fun Generator is a 7" x 10" wire-bound book packed with over twenty different dice games, all of which use standard six-sided dice! The games were designed and tested over video chat so we know from experience that as long as each player has their own dice at home, every game in the book can be played through your preferred platform . . . read article

October 2, 2020:
We're taking everything we have learned and putting it into another virtual event on our Discord server this Saturday, October 10. FnordCon 2.3 will run one day only, will have more games (but not too many), more dealers (but not too many), and fewer panels (starting with the ones you rated most highly last time). Panels will last an hour, with a half-hour bio break between them . . . read article

October 3, 2020:
As the rewards for our recent Coasters campaign start shipping out to supporters, and Car Wars continues through the tooling process at the factory, it's time to share a bit of info on our planned Kickstarter campaigns.  Tentatively scheduled to launch in the closing months of 2020 and early 2021 are: Random Fun Generator – This wire-bound book of 20+ new dice games is up next, set to open on October 5. This will be a "Quickstarter" campaign, roughly a week long, so please click the green "notify me" button on this page so you don't miss out . . . read article

October 4, 2020:
You ARE going to vote, right? Some people are going to get turned away at the polls, for whatever reason . . . read article

October 5, 2020:
Today's the day, gang! At about 9 am Austin time today, we will launch the Random Fun Generator Kickstarter campaign and, with your support, bring this book of 20+ new dice games to your hands just as fast as we can manage! . . . read article

October 6, 2020:
It's October, the perfect time for the Halloween d6 Dice Set! This pack of six 19mm six-sided dice can be used to bring a little spooky fun into your next game session session . . . read article

October 7, 2020:
October is here, a chill is in the air, leaves are starting to fall, and Warehouse 23 is turning into . . . the werehouse! Oh no, wait, sorry, the warehouse is not actually a monster, but it does have some monster deals during our Halloween sale, taking place all month! . . . read article

October 8, 2020:
Thank you to Peyton for this clear and easy-to-follow tutorial for the Gelatinous dice game! It's always great to see a younger crowd playing tabletop games, and I am overjoyed to learn that Gelatinous was your first shot at a solo how-to-play video . . . read article

October 9, 2020:
Tomorrow, Saturday, is the actual date for FnordCon 2.3, but we will open the server today about 6 for those who want to log in early, meet and greet, and virtually mill around. Click here to join the server. The con will be great. Liz Danforth is our guest of honor . . . read article

October 10, 2020:
Today is the day for FnordCon 2.3, our FREE virtual game convention! Click here to join the server. Liz Danforth – artist for Magic, T&T, and The Fantasy Trip – is our guest of honor . . . read article

October 11, 2020:
We released The Fantasy Trip Adventures last year: a hardcover collection of five different adventures giving GMs exactly what we've been asked for . . . ready-to-run adventures for use with The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition! The hardcover pack included counter sheets, which were so popular with the Kickstarter backers that we knew we had to include new counters and megahex tiles if we were to ever create a second adventure collection for the game . . . read article

October 12, 2020:
There has been quite a bit of movement on our Kickstarter campaigns since last month's update. Out of the five campaigns that were open in the last report, three have been completed. (Car Wars, being such a very large project, continues to work its way through the tooling stage at the factory.) . . . read article

October 13, 2020:
We didn't announce this one. We just DID it . . . read article

October 14, 2020:
I am pleased to announce that we've signed Origins-award-winning artist Christopher Eisert to create the counters for the Fantasy Trip Bestiary, a 2021 release. You can see some of his work at his ongoing Kickstarter, the Fantasy Counter Kit . . . read article

October 15, 2020:
Celebrate the month of love with some new releases that you'll have a crush on! Or maybe you'll just crush your opponents -- that works, too . . . read article

October 16, 2020:
It's an eighties explosion at Warehouse 23! We've opened several Pocket Box games and related expansions for sale on Warehouse 23, and now's your chance to get your hands on these near-exact retro reprints that you may want to add to your game collection. Car Wars. Ogre. Illuminati. Necromancer. Undead . . . read article

October 17, 2020:
I'm not even quite sure where to begin. I stumbled across a new roleplaying game that stands out as a creative effort that marries a few of the things I enjoy in a strange new way . . . read article

October 18, 2020:
We've worked with David Blanchard at GPI for well over a decade. In that time, David has helped take our ideas from concept to the game table . . . read article

October 19, 2020:
Thanks to Amazon's print-on-demand service, the hard work of our GURPS team, and (in most instances) the support of GURPS players on Kickstarter, we currently have five different supplements for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game available in print. Better still, since these were released through Amazon's print-on-demand tools, many of you outside of the United States can order these from your local Amazon site . . . read article

October 20, 2020:
We've made several dice sets over the last few years (find our dice at Warehouse 23!) and now we're going to try something a little different: Bringing you in at the earliest stage of the dice creation process! Join in the Candy Heart d6 Dice Set on Indiegogo today and follow along as we take this set of three 19mm resin dice from design drawings to the finished dice that you can roll in your favorite game! . . . read article

October 21, 2020:
Looking ahead to see what goodness we have coming in February 2021 . . . Do you love zombies? . . . read article

October 22, 2020:
The 2020 Charles S. Roberts Awards for Excellence in Conflict Simulation will be announced on October 25, 2020 . . . read article

October 23, 2020:
Have you joined in for the Candy Hearts d6 Dice Set project on Indiegogo? If not, then you may want to support the project today, because every backer at the $13 and higher pledge will receive a new Munchkin promo card! . . . read article

October 24, 2020:
Welcome to a strange, new, yet oddly familiar realm . . . Clichéa! . . . read article

October 25, 2020:
We've featured Guy Himber's CrazyBricks on the Illuminator a number of times, and he's back with some more custom Lego-compatible bricks. This time, they come in the form of blind bag Brick Buddies, a series of animal-themed brick creatures with adorable faces and colorways . . . read article

October 26, 2020:
Our licensing partner in Russia, Hobby World, has created a number of terrific translations of our Munchkin games over the years. Now they've gone beyond translating and have created an original Munchkin release: «Русский Манчкин» (Munchkin Russian)! . . . read article

October 27, 2020:
The moon is almost full, the fog has rolled in  – All Hallow's Eve is upon us! With the rise of the spooks, that means the Warehouse 23 Halloween Sale is nearing its end (according to legend)! . . . read article

October 28, 2020:
We've produced several different playmats for both The Fantasy Trip and Ogre, and many of you have been collecting the designs and, we hope, using them in your game sessions. However, the most common question we get about them is: How do I use these at my table? . . . read article

October 29, 2020:
Light up those Jack o' Lanterns and get ready to game with us as the full, blue moon rises and the year wanes. This Thursday through Saturday, October 29-31, we are unleashing our Zombie Dice game on Tabletopia for open play . . . read article

October 30, 2020:
It's time to remind you again to vote! This is the last day for early voting in some states . . . read article

October 31, 2020:
Tested during FnordCon 2.3, we've launched a new holiday map for Deadly Doodles! The Halloween map features a jack-o-lantern face and some brutal corridors . . . read article

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