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September 1, 2016: SJ Games At PAX West

PAX West

It's PAX time! This weekend, we're attending the newly renamed PAX West in Seattle, from September 2-5. It has a new moniker, but it's the same PAX, and it's going to be an epic show!

SJ Games staff and our MIB volunteers will be running a huge demo area in our usual spot (on the second floor, under the escalators, near the game library). We'll have our newest releases to show off, like Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame, Moop's Monster Mashup, Simon's Cat Card Game, I Hate Zombies!, and Ogre: Objective 218. But we also have a secret!

Yes, something we can't talk about until the con. PAX West will be the first place you can play a new, top-secret version of Munchkin, illustrated by John Kovalic! We've kept it close to the chest for a while, but now we're ready to show it to the public. If you want to see it early, be sure to come to the show. We'll also be posting sneak peeks on our social media accounts over the weekend, so make sure you're following if you can't make the convention. There may even be a surprise #PlayMunchkin prize come Monday. Maybe it's this new, top-secret Munchkin game. I'm not telling.

(The prize is totally this secret Munchkin game.)

That's all you're getting out of me, for now. Stay tuned to social media, and we'll see you at PAX West!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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