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September 16, 2016: Don't Panic! We Have A Munchkin #21 Preview

Munchkin 21 Preview 1Munchkin 21 Preview 2 Do you know what goes well together? Legends, pirates, and castles. Don't believe me? You need to check out these preview pages for Munchkin comics issue #21 from BOOM! Studios!

The first story, "The Quest For The Legendary Booty," follows Spyke and Flower -- ahem, CAPTAIN Flower, as they search for Atlantis, battle pirates, and fight the Kraken! This Munchkin Legends and Munchkin Booty themed adventure is an island hopping escapade. Hopefully the buried treasure is worth it. What am I saying? Loot is always worth it! The art by Nicole Andelfinger and writing by Kat Leyh (Lumberjanes) are the real treasures here. 

In "Panic At the Castle!," Spyke and Flower come upon a castle under seige! You could say the denizens of the castle are . . . panicking. This story is based around Munchkin Panic, from our friends at Fireside Games. Why would munchkins help defend a castle, you might ask? The monsters drop gold! That'll get the swords swinging and axes chopping in no time. Len Peralta (Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition) not only illustrated, but wrote this crenelated chronicle.

In the back pages of Munchkin #21 you'll find an interview with Anne-Marie De Witt, designer of Munchkin Panic, along with your special code for this month's BOOM! Bundle on Warehouse 23. There's also an extra special offer to get a whopping $20 off Munchkin Panic! This comic is loaded with great stories, sweet loot, and awesome discounts.

Get this jam packed-issue when it releases next Wednesday, September 28, at your friendly local comic shop

-- Hunter Shelburne

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