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September 2, 2016: Dungeon Fantasy Now On Kickstarter!

Dungeon Fantasy Role Playing Game

After weeks of hinting, we can finally tell you: Dungeon Fantasy is now live on Kickstarter!

Powered by GURPS, this is the Dungeon Fantasy that fans and newcomers alike have been waiting for. Get into the monster-fighting, dungeon-crawling action quickly with streamlined rules for character creation, monster spawning, and world building. Then delve deeper into the collection to find loads of customization and expandability.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of GURPS, the Dungeon Fantasy boxed set has taken our writers and line editors almost a year to perfect, and it shows. The five full-color books include:

  • Adventurers (128 pages). Pick from 11 professions and nine races to create your character. Use the classic GURPS point-build system, or pick a template to get into the action immediately. 
  • Exploits (112 pages). Learn how heroes use their abilities and gear, as well as the pitfalls that await them. A Game Master's best friend! 
  • Spells (80 pages). Over 400 spells for the four casting classes: bard, cleric, druid, and wizard. 
  • Monsters (64 pages). More than 80 classic – and Dungeon Fantasy original – monsters ready to send heroes to an early grave. 
  • Dungeons (24 pages). A prebuilt adventure, "I Smell a Rat," and hooks to help make your own scenarios. 

We didn't leave out accessories, either! You'll be getting cardboard figures, combat maps, and dice to jump right into your quest. 

There are also lots of great add-ons you can buy, as well as stretch goals if the project really takes off. If you're a retailer, we have you covered as well! You can purchase directly from the Kickstarter at special retailer pricing.

The campaign runs until September 30, so check out the Kickstarter and get in on this project! We'll save a seat at the tavern for you, adventurer.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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