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September 13, 2016: Good Tidings About Grimm Art



It's no surprise that John Kovalic, who did the Grimm Tidings art, wrote a blog post about the project. Head over to the Dork Tower to give it a read. You'll find out the struggle behind the Thousand-Pelt Coat, the children's literature reference on the Robbers card, and other fun facts.

Grimm's Fairy Tales are, after all, kind of a dream-theme for Munchkin – all that darkness and violence, thinly concealed behind a veneer of fantasy. Of course John was excited to bring that to life.

While you're over at the Dork Tower, you can donate to John's charity bike ride, Bike The Barns. The more money he raises, the more ridiculously he will dress for the ride. He's already going to wear a Duck of Doom on his head, and a tentacle. Maybe you can help make it even worse. 

-- Ariel Barkhurst

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