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September 4, 2016: Help John Kovalic Bike The Barns

Bike the Barns

Have you wanted to make John Kovalic wear silly plush accessories during a hilly bike ride for charity? That's a very specific desire; you should see a therapist. But you're also in luck!

You can donate to John's Bike the Barns fundraising page, benefiting FairShare CSA Coalition, which helps low-income families attain healthy foods. He's raised a lot of money already, but there's still a ways to go until he wears the Duck of Doom on his helmet. And we can even get him to add a tentacle, or have our own Andrew Hackard pick out an excessive accoutrement. Plus you can get rewards for donating!

Help out a good cause and donate, and maybe you'll see your favorite Munchkin artist embarrass himself for charity. You're awesome, John!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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