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September 4, 2020: Crowdfunding Focus: Merchants And Jewels

Crowdfunding Focus: Monsters! Monsters!

Wow. At this rate I would need a whole blog just to tell you about great gaming Kickstarters. So, talking about two different ones today!

Nomadic Caravan

This one closes very soon, so go look now. Nice STL files (no physical rewards) of a lot of characters, wagons, etc., for a trading caravan. Very inexpensive as STL projects go; only $20 for wherever the stretch goals go. And, for those of you who like to paint and sell minis, there's a "merchant option" to let you print and sell copies with the creator's blessing.

Egyptian Dice

A beautiful dice design. Look and marvel. I'm actually surprised that this one hasn't gotten more support - maybe you can do something about that. The complete set of polyhedra is only about $17 plus shipping from the UK. The publisher, Triple Ace Games, has done dice Kickstarters before.




The associated dice tray and dice bag are also very easy on my eyes.

Wishing both these projects the best of luck!

-- Steve Jackson

PS - Remember the "frog folk" project I told you about a couple of weeks ago? Impact! Miniatures will still be taking late backers for a little while. You should at least look . . . looking doesn't hurt . . .

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