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September 11, 2020: Crowdfunding Focus: Skullkickers Is Back!


In 2012 (eight years ago? it doesn't seem that long!), we partnered with our friends Jim Zub and Edwin Huang on a Munchkin mini-expansion based on their amazing comic book, Skullkickers. (Did you miss it? Pick it up at Warehouse 23 . . . and grab a copy of Edwin's fantasy Munchkin Guest Artist Deluxe set while you're there!) Skullkickers is a perfect match for Munchkin -- banter, mayhem, and a whole lot of monster-whacking violence, all wrapped up in a phenomenal story over three dozen issues -- and I always knew that someday, Skullkickers would turn into a great RPG adventure when the right publisher came along.

Fast forward a bit. Zub started working with Wizards of the Coast on D&D comics and books, and . . . well, you probably don't need us to connect those dots.

Jim, Edwin, and the entire team are back with new Skullkickers adventures and an RPG tie-in book that they're funding on Kickstarter right now. They have some really intriguing special rewards, or you can get the digital base level for $14 in Canadian money, which is an absolute steal for the fun you're going to have reading these new comics and playing the adventure. You only have until the end of this month, so check out their campaign today!

-- Andrew Hackard

Skullkickers on Kickstarter

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